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One More Year
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Set in an idyllic northwest lake town, a young woman, Tilly, sets out to tackle an Ironman for an environmental cause, in order to convince people to buy less stuff. She doesn’t know all three sports so she relies on a curmudgeon former cyclist, her irreverent tattooed, tequila-drinking best-friend, a water dog, a group of maverick mountain bike guys and an old pirate to overcome her obstacles and to save the town. (Paperback and Hardback available at Amazon.)

Plastic Plankton
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The dramatic Big Island is the backdrop as Tilly moves on to the Kona Ironman. Coincidentally, her estranged brother, Moore, and his quirky, stoner hip hop-loving best friend, Spit, set sail to the clean up machine at the Great Plastic Garbage Patch. Nemesis SodaCo has falsified the machine’s results and it takes a spunky insider, an old French sailor, the Sandglass bike-surfer guys and a large lovable Hawaiian to slow the tsunami of world plastic. (Paperback and hardback available at Amazon.)

Bike Rock
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Realizing the only way to end fossil fuels is to get rid of cars, best-friend athletes Tilly and Camas write a manifesto for their bicycle ride across the country, The Great Petal Pedal Ride. The elders of Burning Man are called upon, having just kicked cars out of the playa, and the mayor of Netherland bike mecca, Utrecht. Add an ominous monopoly of oil barons, an elegant, musical starlet riding for the cause on Route 66, a glacier wedding proposal, and the beloved cast of quirky, irreverent, humorous friends on the Great Ride to a bike-first car-out world. (Paperback and hardback available at Amazon.)

Copper Cobra
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Two hip-hop-loving best friends work a salmon season in Alaska and, with the help of a humorous, sexy social-media vlogger and a 106-year-old pot-smoking resort matron, uncover a back-room side deal and unscrupulous dealings of a sinister lobbyist to thwart the poisonous acid runoff of an evil mine to save the largest wild salmon run in the world.
(Paperback and hardback available at Amazon.)

Click here to download the free eBook at your favorite online bookstore
On a global One More Year tour of the greenest countries to reduce overconsumption, Tilly and Camas discover orienteering. Between running through forests and over streams and mountains, an Icelandic sage suggests Tilly also visits the least environmental countries. Orienteering leads Camas to adventure racing. She competes on a team with three smelly men in the Parklands Enviro-Climate Challenge, a televised adventure race covering ten national parks in twenty-one days that tests her strength, relationships, and spirit. With the help of a spunky Bohemian activist, a rhyming green lobbyist, and an ancient Harvard professor, who are working to stop racial injustice with the passage of a Green Amendment, Camas reveals fossil fuel threats looming over each of the nation’s natural treasures.
(Paperback and hardback available at Amazon.)

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“And the response to people who say you can’t go back… Well, what happens if you get to the cliff and you take one step forward… or you make a 180 degree turn and then take one step forward? Which way are you going? Which way is progress?”
Doug Tompkins
Avis Kalfsbeek